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Don’t doubt your abilities. Don’t compare yourself with your friends. Don’t push yourself too hard.
That will only add to the anxiety. Tackle one subject at a time. Set achievable deadlines. Don’t get
distracted. Take practical tips from a relative who has recently appeared in the exams recently. You
don’t have to be either extremely casual or overly anxious. Take a middle path, be confident and give
it your best shot.

Six Steps to Success

* Sleep well for at least seven hours before your exam.

* Don’t skip breakfast.

* If children leave early for an exam, give them a fruit (to eat an hour before.

* Drink water before you enter the exam hall to keep hydrated.

* After your exam, have a snack or lunch and rest for a while before get ing back to your books.

* Don’t eat fried stuff or junk food during exams; they make you sleepy. You can also catch an
infection eating street food. Stick to healthy, home-cooked food.


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